Social Media Brainstorming

Chapter 2: Social Media Statistics

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      Until you understand the sheer number of people who access social media sites, and, in turn, use them to share information with one another on a daily basis, there really is no way to begin to grasp the potential marketing power they wield for business owners.The numbers are staggering, so take a look at these key figures:

      – Nearly one in four people worldwide use social network sites to communicate and share ideas with one another. That is 1.7 billion people, an astounding 18 percent increase over 2012.

      – In 2013, in the U.S. alone, 163.5 million people are confirmed social network users. That is over half of the U.S. population of 316 million people.

      – According to Experian, in April 2013, 27 percent of all time spent online in the United States was spent on a social media site. That translates to 16 minutes out of every hour of online activity.

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