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Facebook Groups: A Goldmine For Realtors Willing To Do 2 Things

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      Facebook Groups: A Goldmine For RealtorsAre you struggling to get a solid stream of traffic to your website? Do you wish you had a few more leads coming to you every month?

      We all wish that. Those few extra leads could be the difference between a great month and not quite making it. I’m going to show you a super easy trick you can use to siphon more leads from Facebook today. This article is directly mostly at real estate professionals, but almost any B2C business could use the tactics to help their brand.

      To use this tactic, you are going to be writing a post on your website.

      Cool! Congrats on setting up your blog. Now lets get traffic and leads to it.  The first thing you need to do is go to:

      You should see a tab in the middle of your screen called “Local Groups.” Depending on the city you are located in, there should be 5+ groups with over 10,000 people in each. You need to join all of these groups.

      What we’ll do next is write content on our new blog. But we don’t want to just write any old content. We want to write something specifically for these groups.  So, for a group called “Dallas Garage Sales” we want to write something popular about moving sales.

      You could easily write a piece of content about how you rent free garage sale signs or moving sale signs.  Or you could write an article about the top 10 tips to have the best luck with your moving sale.  The key here is creating something that is both about moving/real estate and the group you joined.

      A great tool I use is called This website lets you research articles that are already popular.  I really suggest going to and typing in “Real Estate” “garage”.  You’ll find articles that are already popular online. You can simply re-write them in your own words, post them on your website, and be good to go!

      Step two of this process is posting it in the Facebook group. There are a few warnings to heed here. You’ll want to contact the admin of the group and make sure you’re allowed to post your link.

      Some groups allow it…other don’t.  Simply abide by the rules and you shouldn’t have any problems.

      After an admin gives you permission to post, simply post your link. I recommend posting it on a Tuesday or Thursday morning as these are very active times.  I also recommend writing a 2 sentence teaser along with your link.  It will help the click through rate. I also really recommend having a quality website and real estate logo. These two things improve trust and conversion on your website substantially!

      That’s it! You’ve successfully found a goldmine of traffic on Facebook. Best of all? You’re going to be helping a ton of people out.  They will want to do business with you.  After you’ve set this up, focus on capturing the most leads possible off your website.

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