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How to Use Short Videos on Facebook


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      If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know we’ve come a long way since the days when everything about online marketing started and ended with Facebook.

      Still, we all know that social media and Facebook in particular remain a BIG part of how we drive traffic to our websites, build community, grow our email lists and turn leads into happy paying clients.

      The journey you create for your prospects that takes them from casual social media fans to loyal customers usually starts on social media. Which means you have to constantly be aware of what’s changing in the social media world, and tweak your strategy to take advantage of these changes.

      Don’t worry–that’s why I’m here! To help you master these tweaks and make social media your own.

      That’s why today we are diving into Facebook and video, to learn how the two together can make a big impact in your online marketing success.

      And of course you already know that Facebook is important for your business.

      But do you know how crucial Facebook WITH Video is for your business right now? Here are some stats that prove it:

      • It’s been reported that there are over 1 billion videos viewed on Facebook each day.
      • The average Facebook user worldwide watched 75% more video this year compared to last year.
      • In the US, that increase in views was actually 94%!
      • Brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than they did on YouTube in December 2014.

      I can vouch for these stats from my own personal experience–I’ve been very impressed with the organic reach with any given video I post on Facebook. I’ve been seeing instant traction when I post a video on my page, much more than a post with a static image. The greatest thing about video is how it takes on a life of its own through sharing.

      And no, I’m not talking about highly polished, professionally edited videos. I’m not a video editor and I don’t have a big production budget for these. No, the traction I’m getting is with simple, quick videos made mainly on my smartphone and edited with simple software.

      Simplicity and ease are the key to making these videos a practical part of your marketing strategy–if they’re not easy, you won’t do them…and if they’re not simple, people won’t pay attention to them! Studies have shown that short video across all social media platforms get the most views and engagement. Short and simple is good.

      Today, I’m going to highlight some people and companies that take full advantage of this trend in online marketing through short, simple video posts.

      Great Video Example #1: “3 Tips to Prep Your Yard for Spring” (Lowe’s)

      Yes, this video was professionally produced–after all, a big brand like Lowe’s can afford to put money into their video. But that’s not what makes it great.


      Click the video image to watch it on Facebook.


      Along with being short (just 54 seconds in length) and simple (it’s all imagery–no humans were used in this video, the great virtue of this video is that it’s timely. At the time of this recording, the first day of spring was just a few days ago, and this video steps right alongside the Lowe’s target audience to offer exactly what they need (and nothing extra) to get ready for this moment in the year. The tone is easy, friendly, conversational–like a friend next door is giving you advice. This is the perfect feeling to ignite action in the Lowe’s audience…and where does that action take them? More than likely, to a Lowe’s store.

      Great Video Example #2: “How to Make Chocolate Cake Infused Vodka” (The Tipsy Bartender)

      This page rotates their posts between videos and images, all accompanied by a different cocktail recipe. And they’ve nailed the formula for success. In fact, one of their quick instructional videos–a how-to for turning a leftover slice of cake into chocolate vodka–had more than nearly 55,000 shares after just one week! It also accrued more than 66,000 likes and nearly 13,000 comments. Not bad for a video that’s only 54 seconds long and uses super simple imagery.


      Click the video image to watch it on Facebook.

      What really makes this one work, besides the brief length and the simple setup, is the snappy cuts between shots and the text layover of all the ingredients being used. This keeps it interesting while getting the point across.

      Great Video Example #3: “Check Out My Latest Podcast” (Chalene Johnson)

      If you visit Chalene’s Facebook page, you’ll see that she uses simple videos to promote her blogs and podcast episodes.


      Click the video image to watch it on Facebook.

      The teasers range from 30 seconds to slightly longer than a minute, like this one. Each includes a direct link to that blog post, making it easy for fans to visit her site and get the rest of the info. 

      In addition to entertaining live-action videos, Chalene uses a really cool technique. (I didn’t mention this technique in the podcast audio, so this is an extra feature for all you devoted blog readers!) She takes an audio clip from her podcast show and puts it into video as a voiceover, with simple images that illustrate the point. I love this innovative way of mixing up video material. For those of us who don’t love being in front of a lens, it also cuts down on the number of times you have to get your confidence (and your hair) in camera-worthy shape!

      Great Video Example #4: “The Bus Pole” (Lysol)

      At the start of flu season, the company launched a “Lysol That” campaign with some great humor. Each video in the series highlights ways to avoid one of life’s…well, grosser aspects.


      Click the video image to watch it on Facebook.

      Touching the bus pole, the bathroom stall, elevator buttons, handshakes during flu season…all these distasteful everyday situations create an instant connection with an audience, because they’re instantly relatable. Lysol follows this connection with a one-two punch–humor and education–and seals the deal with a gentle pitch: how about a little Lysol anti-bacterial hand gel?

      Great Video Example #5: “Love Your Curls” (Dove)

      Dove has been leading the way with marketing videos for quite some time now. Remember their Real Beauty campaign a few years ago? These videos and the ones that have followed keep people watching with relentless pulls at audience’s heartstrings, encouraging their impulse to do good in the world.

      These videos also tend to be on the long side. But Dove makes up for the length with quick shots and lots of variety–interviews, action, text–that hold the viewers’ attention.


      Click the video image to watch on Facebook.

      Watch the video above one more time…did you actually see Dove’s product? Did they even mention it? The answer is no. Through this emotionally appealing video, Dove has successfully created a call to action that encompasses both buying their product and doing good in the world. Oh, and also grabbed over 5 million views, nearly 80,000 likes, almost 7,000 comments and 47,000 shares.

      Videos with this kind of emotional appeal get massive shares. They’re also a little bit harder to create, since they require more thought and craft. But if this is a style that you feel will work for your brand and you are up for the challenge, don’t to pass them up.

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