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Generating Traffic to Your Site with Keyword Based Articles

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      One of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your site is using keyword based articles. By hiring SEO writers or writing companies you can place article4s on your site that provide information about your website during the surfing process. The keywords you use will provide a short synopsis of the article and direct the customer to the place where the article is posted. It may be posted on your site or on a website that is specifically geared toward SEO articles and if the latter is the case the website will provide a link that leads to your website where visitors can browse and read other articles or purchase what you have to offer.

      While SEO articles used to be in the 3-5% density range most now are in the 1-2% range. Google has dropped a great many articles because when they are too keyword rich they are identified as spam and are removed from the system. This is also true of articles that are too similar to one another, something can happen easily with article spinner software. It’s important if you are doing similar articles to make sure they are not placed on the same website because Google will see them as duplicates. Though Google is not the only search engine where websites are listed they are used more often than any other and thus people must direct their efforts toward the rules of Google.

      If you have various products and services on your website it’s a good idea to use articles promotion for different products. Even if you have a product that sells more than others do not focus only on that product. You also want to make sure the articles you post on your website are professionally written and free of spelling and grammatical errors. It doesn’t make your business look professional if you post articles that do not make sense or that are laden with spelling and grammar errors. This often happens because website owners want to get by as cheaply as possible—do not fall into that trap. Article writing is a marketing tool like any other—use it to your best advantage and be willing to pay a fair price. The more are you willing to pay for article writing the better your content will be which in turn will lend credibility to your site.

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