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How to Draw Visitors to Your Website

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      You can do everything right—or think you have—but if your efforts don’t bring visitors to your website it is useless. It takes more than just posting advertisements throughout the web or having a fancy website. In fact, a simple website will generate more visitors than one that is so complex no one can find what they are seeking. If a website is so cluttered with animation and other things that detract from the purpose of the website it is a useless tool. Bright flashing colors may look pretty to the graphic designer or website owner but they do nothing to bring visitors to the website.

      Proper search engine placement will bring visitors to your website but unless your website shows something of interest to your visitors they will not stay and browse. If your website is cluttered with banners, links, flashing lights and animation your visitors will be unable to find what they want and will leave quickly without buying anything and with no intention of returning. One of the machines that many web designers make is poor navigational capabilities. If your visitors can’t find the menu they cannot browse through your website to see what you have for sale. They will not take the time to look around—if your website doesn’t offer ease of navigation you will lose sales.

      The key to a successful website is not just drawing people to your website but making them want to return. Quite often someone may stop in “just for a quick look,” but if your website isn’t appealing they will not return to look at everything you offer. If your website is full of lights and chimes and other distractions you will lose visitors—those things are fine for a personal website, but for a business website simplicity is the best. Keep your menu in plain view and make sure visitors can see everything they need. Small animations and glitter may be attractive but keep them to a minimum—enough to draw attention to your website but not so much so that it distracts visitors.

      Music can have a calming and appealing affect but make sure you choose something soft and calming. Gear the music to what you are selling—unless you are selling gangsta and rap items stay with a softer music style or even instrumentals. Keep in mind that most people in the mid-30s and older are not interested in hearing rap and metal when they are shopping and will either turn off the sound or leave your website. Create a theme that appeals to the majority of your target audience.

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