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Dear fellow real estate agents…

Thank you for taking out time to check out this page. These 3 minutes are going to save you countless number of hours and $1,000s in recurring expenses.

It’s NO NEWS that video is the best way to get attention and SALES. But if you create videos just for fun – you should know that you are leaving MASSIVE amounts of money on the table.

When it comes to engagement and conversions…

Nothing Works Better Than Video

  • Today 80% of the world’s internet traffic is video. meaning almost 4 out of 5 buyers come to you through video.
  • Using videos on your landing pages increases conversions by 80%
  • 64% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy after watching a video about it.

But before you are convinced by these ‘Impressive Numbers’ and feel like you have finally got the Holy-Grail to success in your business…

Here are 3 things about VIDEO MARKETING that NO ONE tells you… and NO ONE told us:

#1 Videos have a reputation of being ‘An Inaccessible Marketing Tactic’, especially for small businesses

Why? Here’s the problem: Video creation is too expensive.

If you are selling a SINGLE property, I’d say… create a single video, slap it on your homepage, and call it a day.

But the truth is – NO ONE is selling just 1 property. Paying that kind of cash for every video you get created is a big enough deterrent for you against considering using Video Marketing for your products.

#2 Free Video Creation Tools… There’s no such thing!

The next time you Google that term and see 39,000,000 results and get super-excited… thinking you have unearthed a gold-mine


There are no free lunches (and certainly no free videos).

#3 The Highly-Sophisticated Video Creation Tools are NOT for Agents…

…they are meant for designers… because they are too technical.

There’s no harm in being “In The Trenches” to succeed… (But knowing there’s an easier way out and still deciding to stay in the trenches is plain foolish!)

And there is an easier way… in fact, the easiest of them all by miles…


Real Estate Video Maker

Real Estate Video Maker

Making Real Estate Videos With only 3 Steps: Choose a Template, Edit, Render

Look Everything You Obtain When You Get Real Estate Video Maker Today

  • Completely Cloud based, create and make changes on the go.
  • Grow your traffic and increase your sales now by the power of Real Estate Video Maker.
  • Most sufficient for Newbies : No high tech skills required at all.
  • No Months of training required.
  • Boost your sales and conversions by engaging your audience.
  • Create unlimited videos with no watermarks.
  • Future updates included
  • Super Low One-Time Fee

Check out some samples below:


Real Estate Video Maker is your life-time solution for ALL your video needs. And you have seen that it can’t get any easier than this. We made video creation fully-automated.

One thing is clear, we love automation.

And that goes for how we run our business too. It’s also fully-automated so that we can provide our customers top-notch service faster than anything they have ever experienced.

Here’s what going to happen (automated) as soon as this special introductory offer ENDS:

  • The prices will increase.
  • The one-time fee will be replaced by monthly/yearly recurring model.
  • You will no longer be able to access our exclusive bonuses.
  • You’ll have to either upgrade your account or pay $197 extra to secure a License.

But if you act now, you can lock in your chance to create incredible videos for all your marketing.

While other agents are paying astronomical fees to freelancers or trying to get their heads around complicated editors, every time they want to create a video, you’ll be already cranking out high quality videos and driving hot-traffic to your offers ready to be converted even before the video plays out it’s full-length.

Get Real Estate Video Maker For Only $97 One Time (Lifetime License)

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