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      In the business world the one thing that every business needs to stay in business is leads. Twitter is a social media platform that all businesses should be a part of because it can help you to generate leads in many ways.

      According to recent statistics, Twitter is the B2B leads coming from Twitter when compared to Facebook or LinkedIn. Twitter is becoming more essential as a tool for businesses and if your company isn’t represented on it, then it is losing out on an easy way to get more traffic to your website and your brick and mortar stores.

      Here are some of the ways that Twitter works to help a business to get leads that yo are sure to love:

      Twitter Search Functions Can Help You Find Leads

      When you have a Twitter account one way to search for possible leads is through the Twitter search options. Twitter lets you search for keywords or you can put in your business name, your competitors, or any other subject that you want to keep track of. This helps you to find appropriate places to start your search for possible leads.

      You can also do a more advanced search on Twitter to filter your searches. For instance, you can set up a search to find people looking to buy products or services like you provide or take it up a notch and add in the people having trouble with those kinds of products or services.

      That can lead you to possible customers that will want to buy them from you instead if you can offer them a better solution or deal. This sort of specialized searching is a quick way to develop some possible leads that could end up getting you some sales!

      Be sure to do this logically and carefully. After all, you don’t want to get accused of sending out SPAM to people, it’s just a way to find people who may you’re your products or services and to suggest that they let you help them meet their needs.

      Build up your Twitter network

      Leads can also be generated by your business getting all of the followers that it can get that are loyal to you and your brand. Loyal followers are more likely to suggest to other people to use your products and services and that is a great word of mouth way to use Twitter to generate leads. The bottom line is that if you impress your current customers and clients, then they are likely to return the favor and sing your praises to the other people in their Twitter lists.

      You can make sure that you retain your loyal customers by doing things like giving your followers exclusive rights to special discounts and coupons and first notice about upcoming sales or promotions of new products. People like to believe that a business truly cares about them and if you do that, then they will stay loyal and help you to find more followers and hence, you generate more leads.

      Get recognized as the “go to” Business in Your Niche

      Twitter is excellent for attracting leads by businesses becoming a respected member of their niche known for putting out all the latest information and up-to-date trends in their field. The more you do this, the more traffic will be generated because you are building trust in your brand and gaining loyal clients. If you are known for providing answers when someone has a problem, then customers will automatically go to you every time they need something, thus leads will come your driving highly qualified traffic to your website

      To do this you also have to make sure that all of the information you tweet is valuable and worthwhile each and every time you post something. If you start slacking off and posting things that are not valuable or relevant, then you will lose leads and customers instead of gaining them. That’s why you have to keep educating people, entertaining them or enlightening them – the three “Es” of how to get leads and followers on Twitter.

      Get Involved in Twitter Discussions

      Twitter has brought about lots of micro-blogs for just about any topic or business niche. If you start searching for the ones that have something to do with your business and what it can do for them, and then get involved in their discussions, you have a possible way to generate leads. Getting involved in these chats can show you what others are thinking about in your field and give you great ideas on what your company can do for customers.

      Make yourself one of the authorities in the topic and always sign on with your business Twitter handle and they will start associating your company with that niche and that can generate traffic to your websites in no time. If appropriate, you can also attach a link to your website or blog so they have a chance to see what your company is offering and what it can do for their community.

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      Adriana Lozano

      Everyone is looking for ways to generate more leads


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