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90% of searches for local businesses are done on mobile phones. Your website may not be displaying correctly on a mobile device and it’s costing you business! A mobile site is just an addition to your website. You don’t even need to touch it!

Mobile Site Shocking Facts


U.S. mobile ad spending will grow from US$790 million in 2010 to $4 billion in 2015. Local ad spend will grow from US$404 million to $2.8 billion.

This makes locally targeted mobile ads 51 percent of overall U.S. mobile ad spending, growing to 70 percent by 2015. Mobile local advertising includes ads that target users in specific locations or contain location-specific calls to action.



Half a billion people accessed mobile Internet worldwide in 2009. Usage is expected to double within five years as mobile overtakes the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web.

Many mobile Web users are mobile-only, i.e. they do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web. Even in the US 25 percent of mobile Web users are mobile-only.


Reasons Your Business MUST Have a Mobile Website

Are you looking for a revolutionary way to reach your existing and target new customers who are constantly on the go? Do you want to be able to expand your market share by a huge percentage using mobile technology? If your answer to these questions is a big yes, then you must know the reasons your business must have a mobile website.

But first, you are probably wondering, what is a mobile website? A mobile website is a version of your business website that is suited for the scripts and codes of any mobile phone. With all these talks of android phones, iPhones and other mobile devices that allow people who are unable to access the internet through their computers, it would certainly make you interested in finding out the reasons your business must have a mobile website to be able to tap this market.

You can say that one of the main reasons your business must have a mobile website is that accessing information wherever you and whenever you want to is very important to the new millennium consumers. They could be at the mall, their client’s office or vacationing out-of-town, but if you make your website accessible to them, you are giving these consumers exactly what you need. If your competitors do not offer this features and you do, you will most likely get more customers than they would.

Jumping on the bandwagon now will really enable you to expand your business territory even more. Studies have shown that there are more people who rely on their mobile phones these days rather than in their computer. They say that more people actually own a mobile phone rather than a PC or a laptop. So going mobile with your website definitely offers you vast connectivity compared to sticking with just the ordinary website. And because mobile marketing enables the system to detect location, you can also localize your content to make it more customized for the people viewing the site.

Another great difference of a mobile website to your ordinary website which is one of the important reasons your business must have a mobile website is the option to make use of mobile-enabled technology. When consumers use their mobile device to access your information, they can just click a link to call you directly on your business phone number. This will be a great advantage to your target customers because it makes it convenient for them to connect and communicate with you directly from their phones.


Mobile Website Tips You Can Use for Your Business

The beginning of a new decade in the new millennium marks the constant use of mobile phones. More and more people are on the go and it has been a customary for most of them to bring with them a mobile phone wherein they could access important information from the internet. From their emails to Facebook and Twitter to quick “Googling” of some information, these people rely heavily on mobile technology so they can communicate and research while on the move. And if you have a business, it would be wise to get some mobile website tips that you can incorporate into your marketing campaigns.

Not only will you be able to reach a great number of people with just a single text message but you can also customize the message for every group of people you send it to. It is also easier for you to market your products and services to those who can access the internet in their mobile phones. That’s why a lot of businesses are banking on mobile website tips. With these tips, they can create a website that is perfect for any mobile phone. People who are unable to access internet from their computers can now be reached if you have a mobile website. And this is why you will find a lot of high-profile companies doing the same thing.

One of the really important mobile website tips that you should remember is to refrain from making use of flashy gimmicks. Stick to the bare essentials like your business contact details, About Us page that introduces your company, some comments from satisfied customers, link to your social networking page and a simple logo that will stick in the minds of your customer to remember your brand.

A mobile redirect script is also essential for your internet website so that you can see when people view your content through their mobile phones. This will help them get redirected to the mobile site automatically or by using a call to action phrase.

Another one of these amazing mobile website tips is to submit your mobile website to specific mobile website directories to increase the traffic onto your mobile website. Constantly updating your content and widening your spectrum of topics for your articles will also help you market your website more. You don’t really have to have special coding skills but a basic knowledge on JavaScript, HTML and even PHP will take you a long way.

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