Why Real Estate Agents Should Learn WordPress

Why Real Estate Agents Should Learn WordPress: You Get All The Advantages Using It

The real estate industry is a fast-paced and information driven industry. If you don’t move fast and you lack real time information, you could lose out in the sale. For real estate agents, learning certain online tools can be very helpful. It could make the difference between making or breaking a sale. WordPress is the ideal tool for the information driven and fast-paced business world. It is easy to learn and extremely useful in both online and traditional marketing.

Why Learn WordPress?

WordPress is a Web publishing platform and is considered state-of-the-art. It means it is the latest tool in the web platform. It has a focus that is ideal for any industries, particularly the real estate industry. The focus of Worpress is web standards, visual clarity and easy user usability. It combines the features, the benefit and the attributes of both a blog and a Web site. As real estate agent or broker, this can be extremely valuable and useful as you conduct your business daily. With a site set in WordPress, you will not limit your reach through the normal working hours but you can be in business 24 hours a day.

Why Use WordPress in Real Estate?

It Is Absolutely Free of Charge – WordPress is an Open Source Software. It means there is no cost involved in using it for personal or commercial use. Starting off with something with no cost on your parts is absolutely advantageous. You have zero start up cost and it can help you a lot in your real estate endeavor. Starting off on a high budget puts you in a negative cash flow. This kind of start up situation will put you in a difficult financial condition if you do not make a sale in two to three months.

It Is Compliant to Internet Standards and Easy to Install

WordPress in Web standard compliant and is compatible with all the most frequently used Web browsers. Since most transactions, searches and queries are now made on the web, you will not have standard and compatibility issues when using it. Its compatibility with most popular browsers also gives it an added advantage. Learning about WordPress gives you so much benefit. It will enhance your visibility on the internet market as a real estate agent. Visibility is very important to link your buyer and your seller. With your site, you can establish an easy, convenient and fast link.

It is Easy to Use

Ease of use is always a requirement on any web tool. WordPress is easy to learn and easy to use. Whether you are an expert or a novice on making your own Web page, it doesn’t really matter. The steps are concise and clear. You can learn using an ebook, a video tutorial or by being personally instructed by a friend. Ease of use also matters to the buyer and seller. When they visit your site, they will spend time browsing and opening pages if it is easy to use and it will all be to your advantage as a real estate agent.

It Is Theme and Plug-in Supported

WordPress is theme driven. It can be used in different business and industries. It can be ideal for real estate business or real estate marketing. Being theme driven means that tailor what your site looks according to your specific taste and industry classification. It also means you can define what features will be available for visitors. For real estate agents, features like photos, maps and other related items can be made available.

Plug-ins can also be attached to your web site. You can easily add functions and features that you feel will help you become successful as a real estate agent. For instance membership options, guestbook, photo albums, advertising and other plug-ins can be added or deleted. This is how flexible this internet tool is.

It Is User Friendly and Search Engine Friendly

WordPress has all the abilities to be user friendly and search engine friendly. It is up to you as a real estate agent how user friendly you want your Web site to be. You may need to look at some sites done in WordPress in order to catch how user friendly you want to be. User friendliness matters in an industry where a potential buyer may be impatient and will not bother to get into your pages if it is cluttered.

Not only is it user friendly, but it is also search engine friendly. This means that you Web site can easily appear on the search page when a potential buyer or searches starts a query on the query box. Instructions on how to make your Web site search engine friendly are always available. This feature is invaluable, considering that there may be millions out there doing business as real estate agents.

It Is Supported by the WordPress Community

WordPress has a large community. There are thousands of WordPress forums, tutorials and WordPress communities. In effect, you can get support whenever you need it. Support can be in the form of assistance in tutorials and problem solving. Support can also come in the form of potential clients for your real estate business. You can market yourself in WordPress communities and you can ask help that may be related to WordPress or related to your real estate business.

Seller and buyer leads can be difficult and confusing. With WordPress, you can simplify things and make an excellent seller and buyer connection. This can translate into a potential sale. Since most queries and transactions are initially done on the internet, your Web site done in WordPress can put you in a distinct advantage over other real estate agents. With all the features that were being discussed and explained you cannot go wrong with your efforts. All types of businesses are done partly or completely on the net. The real estate industry is no exception. Having a Web site done in WordPress can get you that buyer and seller connection fast. You really need to learn about WordPress, if you want to succeed as a real estate agent.

Cost Saving Solution for Web Development

For a good site, a web developer will charge you $1,000 minimum. And mostly web developers in the U.S. are very expensive. But if you use WordPress, it will save you a lot of money. All you need to do is a domain which you can buy for $7-$9 per year, a hosting that cost you around $5-$9 per month and a real estate premium theme which only cost around $45-$55. Now, with a price below $100, you can have a professional, search engine friendly site.

Complete WordPress Tutorials Available

As REO Pro Agent Members you can access our WordPress Trainings free of charge. We provide complete, easy to follow videos in the members area.  You can watch these videos from My Account > Video Trainings in the menu. There are 30 videos that you can watch in your own time, at your own pace. 15 basic videos are available for free members, and 15 extended videos are available for Pro members.

Tell us what do you think of real estate site based on WordPress? Leave a comment below, let us know.

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