Developing a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Plan

While LinkedIn can provide a big advantage for the business, an easy-going tactic can have unsatisfactory results. Just like other business and marketing efforts, LinkedIn marketing needs to have a clearly outlined strategy. Having clear goals can help the business to plan an effective and comprehensive marketing structure.

Here are some of the key points to consider when starting a marketing campaign with LinkedIn:

  • Objective of using LinkedIn for the business

The most important part of this marketing campaign is the business objective. To get the best results, businesses have to make sure the objectives they set are: detailed, measurable, attainable, time-scaled, and realistic.

  • The audience that the business is trying to reach on LinkedIn

The main strong point of using LinkedIn as a marketing tool is twofold:

  1. LinkedIn is the only business community that most business professionals use.
  2. It holds remarkably fine data on every member.

Therefore, businesses have a high chance of finding the contacts they want through their connections and by searching using the right criteria.

The membership database in LinkedIn can be grouped in these powerful ways:

  1. Company – industry and company size
  2. Individual – job function, position, interests, groups
  3. Relationship – connection level
  4. Location

Using these areas, the business can group their target audiences. This LinkedIn marketing strategy must not be taken lightly because it makes it possible to get access to updated and valuable information about business professionals.

In a matter of seconds, the business can obtain data on how many marketing professionals are based in your area that work in the same industry.

  • Grouped Audiences

The business must spend some time creating certain audience groups that they want to target through LinkedIn. They can note down the corresponding size of every audience group and designate relative priorities for each.

  • Key messages the business want to get across

The tool that a business can use to connect with their target audience is their key messages. They have to determine the actions they are trying to rouse from their audience, the information they need to convey, and the problems that their audience want to solve.

These are the core messages that the business wants their target audiences to receive and recall. They establish value and present the benefits and issues the business wants to tackle. They give a primary focus to manage the marketing activities of the business on LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn tools the business will use

There are different ways to reach people on LinkedIn and the primary way is through their personal profile. Businesses can connect directly with an individual and exchange messages with them as they do on other social media platforms. The other tools they can use are content distribution, such as posting updates and discussion points; and paid targeting such as sponsored posts and sponsored ads.

  • Measuring and Improving

Businesses need to have a working model to constantly measure and improve their LinkedIn marketing efforts. To make continuous improvements, they can have the right cycle to measure performance, collect key learning, and make informed decisions.

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