How To Get Your First 10,000 Real Estate Website Visitors

Did you know that more than 90% of people use the internet in searching for homes and real estate? In fact this figure is expected to rise drastically as people become more conversant with new technologies and the use of internet. It is estimated that more than 69% of these people actually end up buying the property they search for.

Absolutely, this is the main reason why some big online companies such as Trulia and Zillow spend millions of dollars annually on marketing campaigns. As these huge companies enjoy greater influence on the market, you just might be wondering how to increase the leads and traffic to your new website.

So to help you get started with making your impact on the web, here’s a helpful infographic about how to get your first 10,000 real estate website visitors:

How To Get Your First 10,000 Real Estate Website Visitors


The good news is that, there are three simple steps that I am going to present to you shortly in order to hit more than 10,000 visitors within a very short period of time. For a second, just imagine what such a great number can translate to your sales! Besides remarkably achieving high sales, this will also make your website the “bull’s eye” that everyone will want to aim for in their home search. However, I cannot guarantee that achieving such targets will be easy as a pie; in actual fact, this could be the hardest task ever on your website. Without further ado, let us look at these three important steps.

  1. You need to start Blogging

You may have heard that blogging is essentially the most popular way of advertising your website; actually, the big companies in the industry publish up to 6 blogs daily. You always need to make sure that the content on your website is relevant and suitable to your visitors. The information should guide visitors through common question, issues and tips related to what they are looking for, i.e. real estate.

  1. You need to get social

Social Medias are absolutely among the most popular things today. This is where you find different people with diverse needs. Therefore, its highly advisable to post your blogs on these social medias, not only to capture as many people as possible, also to address the diverse needs of people that relates to real estate. Undoubtedly, if you are consistent enough, you won’t fail hitting close to your mark if not achieving your target.

  1. Adopt the culture of using emails to get people back to the site

Emails sort of depict closer relationship and more concern. Clients are more likely to appreciate when you send them newsletters through their email. In any case, your goal is to boost the number of people that sign up for your esteemed newsletter.

If you accurately follow these three steps, then you are sure of getting in the right path toward striking very high traffic and consequently gaining a significant market share.

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