How To Get Real Estate Leads Using Facebook Video Ads

Getting real estate leads using facebook is not hard, if you do it right. Many realtors failed to getting leads using facebook mainly because they’re doing it wrong.

Acording to inman many brokers and agents are spending their ad dollars nowadays to harness the connecting power of social media — to capture new business, to stay top of mind, to grow their community and influence and to generate higher-quality leads.

Qsar, owner of Premier Orange County Real Estate, says 30 to 40 percent of his online referrals come from Facebook. Qsar spends about $2,000 a month — roughly a quarter of his ad budget — on Facebook ads.

Ben Kinney, a Keller Williams Realty agent in Bellingham, Wash., spends about $500 per month on Facebook ads and generates between 10 and 20 leads each month from them, with near 100 percent engagement.

About half of those leads, Kinney said, go to an in-person appointment with him or a member of his team; the other half check out his listings page.

But advertising effectively on Facebook is not easy, said Stacey Harmon, a real estate marketing consultant who specializes in Facebook. “It’s a complicated opportunity,” she said.

While facebook ads has been around for sometimes now, facebook video ads is relatively new. Facebook released their video ads platform in March 2014. This new platform is very interesting. Because compared to faceboook crafted ads, promoted post and sponsor stories, using video ads will engage more people.

With video ads we can show our video to millions of facebook users, get their attention and “lure” them to become leads.

In this post we will show you how to get real estate leads using facebook video ads

1. Create Your Facebook Page

If you want to get real estate leads using facebook, you must have a facebook page. You can create one here. Your page must be professional.  This can be done by uploading relevant profile picture and professional timeline cover. Take a look at our facebook page here (don’t forget to like). Here’s an example of a professional facebook cover:

Real Estate Timeline Covers

2. Prepare Your Video

Your video must be engaging and capture people’s attention. You can use property showcase video to promote the house you’re selling, self-promotion video, or fun and engaging video like cartoon video. You shouldn’t use poorly made video or you will lose money and leads. It’s very important that you use only good video to get real estate leads using facebook video ads. Only engaging video that will bring results. Note: Your audience will not see a post, or clickable image. They will only watch your video.

How to create your video?

You can use powerpoint to create your video, or use video maker software like Camtasia. Ofcourse you can always pay someone to do it for you. Or if you want to save time and money you can get our real estate instant video templates or real estate cartoon videos. Our videos can help you get real estate leads using facebook.

3. Create Your Video Ads

You have your professional facebook page and you have your engaging video, now it’s time to get real estate leads using facebook video ads. Go to this page, and click create ad.

create your facebook video ads

Click “video views”, and choose your facebook page from the dropdown.

choose video views

Click upload new video, and locate your video in your computer. Wait until the upload is finished. In the text box, make sure you put your details such as your name and phone number. Don’t forget to add call to action, like: call me now. You can also preview your ad here. Make sure you ad copy is only to get real estate leads using facebook, and not for something else.

ad preview

Take a look at our sample above, it’s just a standard ad copy. You can go creative with something like “Is your dog demanding a bigger yard? call me: +1650-253-0000. Your name, Your Company”. Your ad copy is limited to 90 characters, so don’t put long description.


Targeting the right audience for facebook ads is vital if you want to get real estate leads using facebook video ads.


In the location form, make sure you target your area. You can put zip code there.


Set the minimum 28 to and the maximum to 65. This is just to narrow down the pool of people to the most likely to either own or be ready to sell their home. If you go much younger, not many own their home. If you go much older, they will not be as likely to want to move.

Campaign and Ad Set

You can rename your campaign and ad set, or you can leave it as default. For budget, use $5 per day. So you can test your ads before you set higher budget. See if you get real estate leads using facebook with this ad. Leave everything else as defaults. Click ‘Place Order”.

If you are a vip member, you can read our advance targeting guide in the VIP Exclusive Area forum. With our advance targeting guide, you will know how to target more specific audience.

place order

All done, your ad will be reviewed by facebook but it shouldn’t take long. Good luck with your campaign to get real estate leads using facebook video ads.

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