Spooktacular Halloween

Fall may already be upon us, but Halloween is really the occasion that marks the beginning of the holiday season.

We’ll have more holiday marketing ideas coming your way next month, but for now let’s focus on how you can scare up more leads on the spookiest night of the year and add value to the holiday for your audience.

Here are 10 ways to treat your network to a spooktacular Halloween

Online Giveaways

Online Giveaways

  1. Host a contest
  • “Best Costume”
  • “Best Halloween Dish”
  • “Best Halloween Decorations”
  • “Best Pumpkin Carving”

If you’re unsure what to offer up as a prize, this is a great opportunity to reach out to one of the local businesses you’ve had your eye on for a collaboration.

See if a local donut or cupcake shop would be up to donate a dozen treats to the winner in exchange for the exposure and promotion.

Or if there’s a pumpkin patch or haunted corn maze nearby, see if they’d be up for donating a pumpkin and free day pass to their attraction.

You can then visit the location as well and do a quick vlog on it.

You can run multiple contests if you’re in the Halloween spirit, or choose one based on what you think your audience would respond best to.

And if you don’t think your network will be up for dressing up themselves, you can always modify a costume contest to include sharing a photo of their kid’s costume, or even the family pet!

Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas

  1. How to sell a haunted house
  2. Spooky decorating tips
  3. Guide to annual events in the community
  4. Haunted history lesson and facts about your area
  5. Winter home prep

If Halloween just isn’t your thing, I’d recommend sticking with #5.

It’s about time for folks to start thinking about prepping their property for the winter, particularly sellers.

People will find value in this too and chances are many are already thinking about the best ways to winterize their home.

You can save this blog topic for next week, though.

If you’re up for it, I’d really encourage you to think outside the box a little and write on something fun.

Remember, providing entertainment is still valuable.

A Halloween home decorating blog is Pinterest gold.

Or could be a great talking point on Facebook.

And composing a thorough guide to seasonal events in your area will be usable for so many people.

Creep It Local

Creep It Local

  1. Attend
  2. Host
  3. Sponsor
  4. Hand out business cards with candy

The first 3 here are really the ones we want to focus on.

But let’s talk about the trick-or-treat game plan first.

You will literally have leads lining up at your door.

And if you’re planning on handing out candy, it might be pretty tempting to give them all business cards and a quick sales pitch while you’re at it.


Instead, include one business card per trick-or-treater.

Better yet, pre-bag the treats you’re going to be handing out and slip one of your cards in there.

The real value to gain here, however, is going out into your community.

You can attend an event and get to know people better.

This might be a good option if you’re a newer agent, or new to the area.

Even better is if you host an event.

Take one of your blog topics and turn it into a quick seminar.

If this seems like a lot to do, then #3 is probably going to be your best and most successful option.

Sponsor an already-established event or partner up to start your own spooky tradition with a local business.

How about the donut or cupcake shop you’re going to contact to provide the prize pack for your giveaway?

Why not just spend your lunch hour at the bakery and host the contest there?


So, how are you celebrating Halloween?

Any opportunity you have to combine one or move of the activities we suggested above can only help you to get more people to join in on the fun.

Let us know how and what you’re doing to add value to your network’s spooky celebration!



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