Converting The Sit Down

Our emphasis on lead generation for real estate agents the last decade has really created an epidemic for the industry. We can just buy leads now and make it rain if we want, so having the skills and the ability to convert the lead to an appointment isn’t that important any more because we just buy another lead!

Isn’t it time for our agents to develop their appointment conversion skills and get the client to want to sit down and meet with them and close for the appointment?

It is great that lead generation is readily available to agents, at a hefty price I might add but all those leads and no buyer and seller appointments still doesn’t pay the bills at home or create the lifestyle an agent is looking for. So, here is a strategy I feel helps an agent convert more appointments and create the desire for a client to want to sit down for the appointment.

4 Steps for Agents to Convert Leads to Appointments

1) Start by writing out the current challenges, problems and fears a buyer in your current market is having. Then do the same by writing out the challenges, problems and fears a seller is having in your current market.

2) Ask appointment engaging questions specifically addressing the buyer and sellers challenges and fears.

  • Out of curiosity are you folks having a difficult time finding what you are looking for?
  • Are you folks looking for a deal or a home? Their is a difference you know.
  • Do the homes you have found have offers on them or have sold already?
  • Have you tried to buy without having your existing home sold?
  • Have you been in a multiple offer situation or lost in a multiple offer?
  • Are you concerned you will list your home and it will sell and leave you homeless?
  • Are you relying on traditional sources for listings that all have a 24 to 72 hour delay getting to you?
  • Are you subscribed to an automatic listing alert system that notifies you when something like what your want hits the MLS system?

3) These questions help the buyer and seller discover their fears and challenges in today’s market.

This also makes them feel like you know what they are feeling and experiencing which will cause them to want to speak with you more! “This agent knows what we are facing and seems to get us… Not just asking me about my money and if I am preapproved!”

4) Close for the appointment! “I have a direct client program that offers solutions to these current market challenges… I would love to meet with you and share them all. Would today at 4 work or tomorrow at 2 be better?”

If people can feel like you really understand them, the market, their fears and the challenges they face and that you have a solution for them, why would they not want to meet with you? What’s the worse thing that could happen other than they learn something they didn’t know.

Try this appointment converting strategy and start converting more appointments. The appointments in real estate really are where the money is!!

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