Optimize Your Profile to Help Your LinkedIn Marketing

To get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategies and drive traffic to your business website, you may have to look at the ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile as this would help more people to discover your business and promote it.

Emphasize Professional Skills

You can get endorsements from your connections for specific keywords on your professional skills. The top 10 skills that LinkedIn features are based on endorsements so users would know which field you stand out.

Promote Projects

The Projects section is initially designed for students so they can share the projects they have finished at university. You can use this feature to highlight your company’s product, services, and other projects. You can link every project directly to your website and when applicable, you can also include team members.

Link to Publications

If you are a book author, e-book writer, regular contributor to certain publications, or have other content that you need to promote, the Publications section is the ideal LinkedIn feature for you. You could link every publication directly to where users could buy your books.

Share Honors and Awards

The Honors and Awards is another section initially created for scholastic achievements of students. This is where you could highlight notable mentions and lists that you have received from acclaimed professionals and authorities in your industry.

Highlight Specialized Certifications

The Certifications section would allow you to feature any special industry-related educational achievements if you have not finished a higher-education degree. If your business has a certification for your industry that you can brag about, you could list it in this section and link it so users could learn more about it.

Feature Industry-Related Courses

Not every coursework comes with a certification. If you have completed any courses that are related to your business, you could feature them in the Courses section. You could list courses that you have taken at university, those offered by acclaimed organizations in your industry, and those you have finished as part of your OJT or on-the-job training.

Showcase Professional Memberships

If you are part of a professional organization in your industry, you could use the Organizations section in your profile to emphasize your membership and your position if you are more than just a member.

Display Language Proficiency

There is a growing demand for people who are fluent in multiple languages. So, if you can speak two or more languages, make sure you include this information in the Languages section.

Emphasize LinkedIn Groups

The LinkedIn groups you joined in could be listed in the Groups section of your profile. This would benefit you in a way that those who want to know you could also join your groups and communicate with you there. Moreover, if you are part of groups that are related to your industry, you could include keywords in your profile. Then finally, you can display the groups that you manage in your profile to help have more membership.

Like other LinkedIn users, perhaps you are making the most of Education, Experience, and Summary sections. However, do not ignore additional sections because they can optimize your profile for keywords and help in your LinkedIn marketing to promote your business.

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